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Vedic Formulations Pvt.Ltd.     

Street Address : At/Post: B-XIII-1362 SBS Nagar


Province/State : Punjab

Country : India

Phone No.: +91-1679-237200

Mobile No.: +91-9815002299

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Vedic Formulations Pvt.Ltd.
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A Syrup with Silymarin Extract 70 Mg per 10 Ml Along with Renowned Indian Herbal Extracts for Hepatitis like Humiamla,Punarnava, Kalmegh, Neem Etcalcohol, Over Use of Drugs Virus Can Put the Liver Out of Function. Sillihep Syrup Puts the Liver back in Action. One of the Chiefingrediant Like milk Thistle Provides Hepatocellular Protection By Stabilizing Hepatic Cell Membranes. It Alter the Structure of the Outer Cell Membrane of the Hepatocytes in such a Way as to Prevent the Penetration of the Liver Toxins Into Interior of the Cell. the Stimulation Effect On Nucleolar Polymerase a Results in An Increase in Ribosomal Protein Synthesis, and Thus Increase the Regenerative Ability of the Liver and the Formation of New Hepatocytes. other Actions Include Interruption of Enterohepatic Recirculation of Toxins and Regeneration of Damaged Hepatocytes. useful in Liver Cirrhosis Anorexia Alcoholic Liver Jaundice Hepatomegly Flatulence.provide New Life to Sick Liver .save the Vital Organ.
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Category : Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicines
Keywords : Herbal Syrups, Ayurvedic Healing Medicine, Herbal Medicines, Herbal Therapy, Herbal Plants,Ayurvedic Herbal Medicines, Ayurvedic Syrups,
Manufacturer Name : Vedic Formulations Pvt.Ltd.
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Price : 4.00
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