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corosolic acid Banaba Leaf P. E.1%-98% Corosolic Acid Product Specification : 1%,10%,20%,98% Corosolic Acid Cas No:4547-24-4 Latin Name: Musa paradisiaca Product Type: Fine green powdered extract Part of the Plant Used:leaf Usage: Balances blood sugar ,Promotes healthy insulin levels ,Controls appetite and food craving (especially carbohydrate cravings),Promote weight loss *************** Eucommia Ulmoides Extract Chlorogenic Acid 5-98% Banaba Leaf Extract Crosolic Acid 1-98% Privet Leaf Extract Ursolic Acid 15-98%,25% Honeysuckle Flowers Extract Chlorogenic Acid 5-99% Bitter Apricot Seed Extract Amygdalin 50-98% Flax Seed Extract Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside 20%,40% Grape Skin Extract Resveratrol 50%-98% Rhubarb Extract Emodin 50%,98% Ampelopsis Gressedentata Extract Dihydromyricetin 25%,98% China Bayberry Bark Extract Myricetin 25%-98% Grape Seed Extract OPC 5%-98% Eurycoma Longifolia Extract 4:1,10:1, 100:1 Shorthorned Epimedium Extract Icariin 50-98% Fructus Lycit Extract Lycium Barbarum Polysaccharides 20%-50% Chinese Blueberry Extract OPC(Oligomeric Proantho Cyanidins) 10%, 15%,20% Magnolia Bark Extract Magnolol 90%,95%,98% Honokiol 90%,95%,98% Honokiol +Magnolol 90%,98% Lotus Leaf Extract Nuciferine 2% Ginseng Extract Total Ginsenoside Ginseng Root 10%-80% Mulberry Leaf Extract 1- Deoxynojirimycin(1-DNJ) 1%-20%,98% Tomato Extract Lycopene 5%-90% Artemisia Annua Extract Artemisinin 98% Feverfew Extract Parthenolide 25%-98% Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract Resveratrol 25%-98% Ligustrum lucidum Ait Extract Oleanic acid 98% Scutellaria Root Extract Baicalin 20%-85% Swertia chirata extract Swertiamarin 25-98% Olive leaf extract Hydroxytyrosol 5-85% Olive leaf extract Olives bitter glycosides 18-60% gotu kola extract Asiaticoside 10-90% gotu kola extract Madecassoside 10-90% Macleaya cordata Extract sanguinarine 10-90% Macleaya cordata? Extract cordata Extract 10-90% Green tea extract EGCG 50-98% Tomato extract Lycopene 5-90% Rosehip extract Polypheol 10%,20% Rosemary extract Rosmarinic acid 2.5-98% Peony Extract paeoniflorin 5:1,10:1,20:1 10-95%
Model No : STA02
Category : Pharmaceutical Raw Material
Keywords : corosolic acid,banaba leaf extract,loguat leaf extract,4547-24-4
Other details : can be according to customerís demands
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Trade Lead Category Country Posted On
corosolic acid 1-98% Pharmaceutical Raw Material India business lead India 30/12/2012
Ursolic acid 20-98% Pharmaceutical Raw Material India business lead India 30/12/2012
banaba leaf extract 20-98% Pharmaceutical Raw Material India business lead India 30/12/2012
Eucommia Leaf Extract 5-98% Pharmaceutical Raw Material India business lead India 30/12/2012