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Street Address: Unit 3, 3/F., Block A1, Hang Wai Industrial Center, 6 Kin Tai Street, Tuen Mun, N.T., Hong Kong.

City: Tuen Mun,

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Country: Hong Kong

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Business Details: We are a Hong Kong established company since 1995. Mainly we supply costumes & badges for carnival festivals, android tablet PC, Borosilicate glass reflectors, IR absorbent filters, dichroic color corrected filters for surgical illumination and lighting decoration, LED lighting. Additionally, we supply photographic filters, tungsten halogen lamps, electrical accessories & electronic gadgets, etc. As our company is located at the gateway to China, we have time-honored relations with factories in mainland. With our skillful Chinese language communication with manufacturers in China, we can deliver exact requirement of items which you are looking for. Moreover, we have service act as an indenting agent to help our clients search for particular items in mainland of China. Details please contact us at

Business Type: NA

Keywords: Carnival costumes, Tablet PC, Lighting reflectors, IR absorbent filters, Color corrected filters, LED lighting, Tunsten halogen lamps, Low voltage LED light bulbs, Photographic filters, Solar energy key chains, DDR memory modules.

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Sell DDR Memory Modules for PC
  • Lead Id: CH011
  • Category: NA
  • Keywords: DDR Memory Modules, Memory Modules, Rams
  • Other Details: MOQ : 50 pcs


We have new desktop PC memory modules for sale as follow : 512 pc400 longdimm 64x8 Hynix, 1g pc400 longdimm 64x8 Hynix, 1g pc333 sodimm 64x8 micron line, 1g pc667 so n longdimm 64x8 64x16, 1g pc800 so n longdimm 64x8 64x16, 2g pc800 so n longdimm 128x8 667 up 800 psc elpida micron Samsung, 2g pc800 so n longdimm 128x8 Hynix s6, 1g pc1333 so n longdimm 128x8 psc elpida Samsung Hynix, 2g pc1333 /1600 so n longdimm 128x8 Hynix psc Samsung elpida Hynix, 2g pc1333 /1600 so n longdimm 256x8 micron Hynix, 4g pc1333/1600 so n longdimm 256x8 micron Hynix, 4g pc1333/1600 so n longdimm 512x8 micron, 4g pc1333 ecc longdimm 256x8 Samsung Hynix, 8g pc1333/1600 so n longdimm 1.35v 512x8 micron, 8g pc1333/1600 ecc dimm 512x8 micron, 8g pc1333 ecc reg 512x4 micron line. Remark : Longdimm for desktop PC / Sodimm for notebook PC / Ecc dimm for server All memory modules are 1 year warranty after sale. Module body can be labeled chip set name with capacity. Packing for service buyers is 50 pcs packed in a blister holder with master carton. For the retailers, we have blister packing for every module and 25 pcs for a inner packing box. This packing is US$0.30 extra charge for every module. Except the memory modules for computers. We also supply android tablet PCs, Samsung 2.5" HDD, Toshiba, WD 3.5" HDD, Kingston SSD, CPUs for PC or mobiles in tray packing, Box packing, Kingston USB & flash cards, and failed test dimm modules(90% capacity can be used). Interest buyer please contact Choices at