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Street Address: 115, Rohini Complex, WA-121, Mother Dairy Road,

City: Shakarpur

Province/State: Delhi

Country: India

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Business Details: Rock Salt Lamps & Marble Artifacts.

Business Type: NA

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Office Location: Delhi

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps
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Benefits of Rock Salt Lamp •Produce negative ions in the air. •Releases positive energy. •Create a cozy, relaxing and wellness environment. •Act as an air purifier in the room. •Spiritual benefits for luck and prosperity. •Generate energy. •Relieves stress, migraine and headache. •Improves sleep more soundly and healthier. •Improves learning and alertness. •Increases work productivity and concentration. •Aids relief from sinus problem. •Reduces the severity of asthma attacks. •Speeds recovery in burn patients. •Enhances the immune system. •Reduces the susceptibility to cold and flu. Where to place the Rock Salt lamp Office, Next to your bed, Study Room, Children’s bedrooms, Smoky or dusty area, Next to computer or TV, meditation room, Any where the quality of air is to be improved, Anywhere else you would like to decorate the place. Who can use the Rock Salt lamp House, Resorts, Hospitals, Pubs/Bars, Rest Areas, Spa centers, Yoga rooms, Tourist areas, Fitness clubs, Living Rooms, Hotels/Motels, Beauty salons, Theme Parties, Shopping malls, computer users, Inns/Restaurants, Massage Centers, Aroma therapy clinics. SALT LAMPS CAN INCREASE THE NEGATIVE IONS COUNT IN A ROOM BY 300 %