Keep small companies out of safety compliance: Indian Staffing Federation

NEW DELHI: The Indian Staffing Federation (ISF) has asked the parliamentary standing committee on labour to consider raising the threshold on employee strength proposed in the occupational safety code to 25 from 10, saying the proposal could spell additional costs on small firms to deploy safety and health officers to monitor its implementation.

“It would be practically difficult for small establishments to get registered and comply with the code engaging additional administrative and other personnel to monitor the health and safety parameters as envisaged in the code,” said Indian Staffing Federation president Rituparna Chakraborty.The labour code on occupational safety, health and working conditions, once notified, will apply to establishments employing at least 10 workers.

“Hence it is requested that the code may be made applicable for establishments engaging 25 or more workers in one location,” the ISF said in its suggestions submitted to the parliamentary standing committee on labour.

The code is one of four labour codes amalgamating 44 central laws on labour and welfare. It was introduced in Parliament in July 2019 and subsequently referred to the Bhartruhari Mahtab-headed standing committee on labour for consideration. The bill is now expected to be taken up in the Budget session of Parliament.

Besides, the ISF suggested that the standing committee review guidelines under the code on overtime rates. According to the federation, seafarers should work a maximum eight hours as per the International Labour Organization’s guidelines and the rate of overtime for seafarers is 1.25 times the ordinary rate of wages. “Kindly review and have these guidelines incorporated in this code,” it said.