National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC), is an ISO 9001-2008 certified Government of India Enterprise under Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). NSIC has been working to promote aid and foster the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises in the country.

NSIC is providing B2B Services to its members since 2007. Currently more than 1 Lac members are registered with NSICs B2B portal.


NSIC is in a process of revamping its existing Portal to render more B2B services to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. In this perspective, NSIC is looking forward for reputed Service providers, preferably having experience in providing web services to large number of beneficiaries in the area of Sub-contracting Exchange, Buying / Selling of Old Machineries / Scarp (Metal & Non Metal ),Online aggregation of Raw Material Demand, Online Exhibition Registration, Online Negotiation between SERVICE SEEKER & seller, Reverse Auction Facility, Global Business Matching Service at discounted price to the members of NSIC B2B portal through a web based platform on non-commercial terms.


NSIC will act as a facility provider and will offer an Intermediary web interface between SERVICE SEEKERs (NSIC B2B Members) and Service providers in line with the given features. The Mutual transfer of the traffic between NSIC and Service Provider Portal will enhance the reach to MSEs of India.

In view of above NSIC is looking for the service providers who can share a web platform on NON – Commercial Terms for NSIC B2B Portal Members


  1. Web Platform will be based on the Co-Branding basis.
  2. Mutual web traffic sharing for both the portal, to enhance the reach and expanding the horizons.
  3. Reports through web service from the service provider for actual transactions held on their portal by NSIC B2B Members.
  4. Increase in B2B Membership
  5. Business Model between Service provider and SERVICE SEEKER


All the Transactions entered into between the SERVICE PROVIDER and its respective SERVICE SEEKER on the “Web Platform” are governed by the specific Terms and Conditions of each Transaction (such as pre-qualification criteria, technical requirements, pricing, warranties, delivery, etc.) established between the SERVICE PROVIDER and their respective SERVICE SEEKER. The “Web Platform” is only a venue and a platform through which the SERVICE PROVIDER and their respective customers can transact. The power to make the decision of doing the business vests always and in all conditions with the SERVICE PROVIDER. NSIC is not a party to any of the transaction entered into upon the “Web Platform” between  the SERVICE PROVIDER and any of its SERVICE SEEKER. NSIC does not set nor endorse any of the terms and conditions of the sale effected on the “Web Platform” inclusive of but not limited to the price, contract terms, quality, safety, conformance or legality of the Products/Services advertised or offered for, the ability of SERVICE PROVIDER to provide services or the ability of its SERVICE SEEKER to avail services. NSIC cannot and does not control, in any situation, whether SERVICE PROVIDER will complete the services they offer or whether their SERVICE SEEKER will avail the services as they request for on the “Web Platform”. NSIC is also not responsible with respect to payment or collection for orders made and bids placed on the “Web Platform”.


Interested firms may submit their expression of interest with the following documents:

  1. Company Profile with the work experience details
  2. Details of the service(s) provided by the firm
  3. List of existing clients (if any) for the same services.
  4. Proposed Project Plan on Non-commercial Terms with NSIC and Mutually agreed rates for the members of B2B Portal
  5. Discount Proposed/ Tariff to NSIC B2B member, if applicable.
  6. Web address of the Service Provider

Please send all your details to the e-mail address