It all started when the Industry Leader in the Level Measurement field decided to expand their business capabilities beyond the US markets. They had a great vision to extend their technology, experience and visibility into the world’s fastest growing economy, ours in India.

Pyro Clark Reliance Level Solutions India Pvt Ltd, was first conceived in 2012, after Clark Reliance Corporation from Cleveland Ohio partnered with Pyro Electric Instruments Goa Pvt Ltd, from Goa, India.

Clark-Reliance Corporation, the most trusted and reliable brand in the Level Measurement domain, has a complete product range complimented by a vastly built sales network across the globe.  Clark Reliance has a continuing history of manufacturing excellence and product development for Level Measurement applications for over 100 years.

Pyro Electric Instruments, founded in 1991, had, within a span of 25 years, grown itself to be the most accepted solutions Company for Temperature measurement. Pyro Electric, over the years, also added manufacturing capabilities for Flow, Pressure and Heating products in its manufacturing range. The Level range of products complemented its product basket offering to the Indian clientele.

The focus was defined. The Indian market is well stocked of many local and international suppliers. But, we have a different story to tell our customers… It is about educating the customer, it is about offering the right product, the best technology, the perfect solution. We believe that each of our product has to consistently improve, and deliver the right output. We strive to offer the best product that delivers the greatest value & have worked extensively to indigenize the offerings. Our focus echoes with the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Indian Government.

Pyro Clark Reliance Level Solutions India Pvt Ltd, was formally established in 2014.  We have delivered critical level measurement solutions for compelling applications, to some of the downstream refining and petrochemical businesses, as well as fertilizer and power generation complexes in India. We continue to reach out and provide end users with our Level Measurement Solutions