Sonata Industrial Electronics is an ISO 9001:2015 quality certified. As a NSIC Certified Company, Sonata has been deemed as service providers to Indian Railways & Textile Industries in Panel Meters, Tacho Generators& Pulse Generators.
Since its inception in February 1974, Sonata Industrial Electronics has strived to fulfil its objective of Connecting Global transport systems.
Sonata was pioneered during the time of 1974. The firm having the infrastructure for measuring instrument started its establishments in Textile Machineries.
 As the firm grew its skills in textile industries they were welcome by the Indian Railways to participate in their tenders for panel meters.
The Vintage Railways (i.e. WDS4 Engines) were the first locomotives which gave the firm their apprehension and performance report which marked the establishment in the Indian Government Railway System.
The WDS4 Engines were Diesel Locomotives and were satisfied with the accuracy readings shown by the Sonata Meters.
As the Technological Development launched more in India Railways, the government concentrated more in Electric Locomotives, so the expectation from the Sonata was high on part to match up to their standards.

Low & behold Sonata reached up to the expectations of the Indian Railways in supplying the best sophisticated Analogue Meters required in the Convectional Locos. I. To survive in the growing market of Modern Technology, Sonata
developed the products in Digital Marketing and Electronic Semi-conductors. Further, the firm very successfully developed Electronic Load Ammeters for Alco Locos.
The fast growing firm is matching its level almost in the Global Digital India in developing many of the products with Digital
Displays providing an accurate and error free readings with long lasting warranty periods.
Here are the list of some successful products manufactured in Sonata Industrial Electronics-
Digital Speedometer
Analogue Speedometer
Electronic Load Ammeter
Traction Motor Ammeter
Auxiliary Line Voltmeter
Traction Motor Voltmeter