Nanosniff Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is Fabless MEMS Company incubated in 2011 at SINE, IIT Bombay’s Technology Business Incubator. NanoSniff specializes in the nanofabrication technology of MEMS Microsensor devices (Microheaters & Microcantilevers). This expertise, along with its strengths in High Speed & High Precision Electronics, has enabled the organization to develop first-of-its-kind MEMS and NEMS technology based specialty products.


Dr Nitin S. Kale, Mr Kapil Bardeja, Prof V. Ramgopal Rao, Prof S. Mukherji & Mr Anoop Prabhu are the founders of the company AND they are associated with IIT Bombay & IIT Delhi as alumni & faculty.


The flagship product of Nanosniff Technologies is its Explosives Trace Detector – Nanosniffer.

Nanosniff has developed the following MEMS Microsensors for Chemical & Biochemical Sensing Applications; (it is the only company in India to do so). Nanosniff’s other MEMS Device products & Instrumentation products are depicted below:-

  1. Microplates
  2. Microcantilivers
  3. MicroHeater +  IDE
  4. MEMS MOx Device for Gas Sensing Application
  5. Microheater + Temp Sensor + IDE Bridge-type Device

Nanosniff has developed the following Laboratory Instrumentation to Read & Process Sensor Data (Temperature, Chemicals, BioChemicals etc): (i) Omnicant: To study interactions of Microcantilevers with Volatile Organic Compounds & Antibodies; (ii) Sensimer: To experiment with Microheaters.


Nanosniff has considerable expertise in Wire-bonding. We bond 1 mil Au, Al wires on 100 microns X 100 microns Electrical Contact Pads. This service can be used to rectify circuit opens.


Clients & Customers: For its Explosives Detector Nanosniffer is marketed & sold by Vehant Technologies. For Sensors & Instrumentation: Our Clients & Customers from India include: (i) IISST Trivandrum; (ii) IGCAR Kalpakkam; (iii) SN Bose, Kolkata; (iv) VNIT Nagpur; (v) DIAT Pune; (vi) NIT Kurukshetra.

International Customers include: (i) Max Plank Institute, Germany; (ii) University of Merced, USA; (iii) DWE Plastics, USA; (iv) Relative Dynamics, USA; (v) WDC, USA.


1. System for Detecting Concentration of an Analyte Biomolecule in a sample and method thereof; Indian Patent Application 2660/MUM/2015.

2. Process for immobilizing one or more receptor biomolecules on one or more solid surfaces; US Patent No: 10329396 B2, Granted in 2019.

3. System and Method of Detecting Explosive Compounds based on Rapid Deflagration and Differential Microcalorimetry. United States Patent 10,605,756 granted in 2020. Indian Patent Application 738/MUM/2105; PCT application PCT/IN2016/050074.


  1. Nanosniff won the IESA Technovation Award in 2012 in the Most Promising StartUp Category.
  2. Nanosniff won the Innovation Excellence Award 2019 from the GITA-DST Funding Agency.

6.   Company Description (w.r.t. promotion objective)

The objective of Nanosniff technology is to provide high quality & cost effective NEMS & MEMS technology based products and services in a timely manner for giving a better business edge to all our clients.