SU is one of India’s most diverse manufacturers of pumps. Our product range hosts a large selection such as Process, Dewatering, Sewage, Submersible, Marine and Special Pumps. SU is also one of the few manufacturers who, supplies specialized motors and equipment to the Defence Department which are used in our Main battle Tanks.

Offering a wealth of competence and expertise in the design and installation of our products, SU has a proud engineering heritage spanning almost four decades. We pride ourselves not only to mechanical design but also in encompassing pump integration into the overall system in which it is installed. Keeping in tune with technology, our ever evolving research & development enable us to design and manufacture products suited to meet individual and specialized requirements of our clients.

Extensive application and material knowledge combined with the established product ranges with the SU group ensures confidence throughout a wide range of markets and manufacturing process. Our products are tried and trusted and our engineering expertise over the last 40 years combined with our extensive product range makes SU a reliable choice.

In an increasingly competitive world, we have the ability to provide new innovative Designs using Computer Aided Design packages to ensure that optimum mechanical and hydraulic performances are achieved. Not only does this help in the development of our products, but also ensures that our products are cost effective and reliable.