Safe & Healthy drinking water is one of basic need in every Industrial as well as in domestic fields & it is always going to remain forever. We, Techno Water Management are operational in providing various solutions for Safe & Healthy drinking  water since last 2013 Years.  Our corporate office is at Thane.

 We manufacture industrial water maker’s capacities range anywhere from 8 Liter/hr. to 60,000 Liter/hr. and we are diversified in our approach with single, double, and triple tube water filters which come with and  without UV attachments as well as softeners and water vending machines in various capacities. If the need be, “Techno Water Managment” can custom
design, manufacture and install its systems to meet your specific requirements. Capable of converting sea water into soft water.  Also expertise in providing maintenance services to our valued customers. We are operational in providing our products & services to various Oil & Gas fields, on board offshore supply vessels as well as fulfilling domestic
drinking water needs. We are further expanding our presence in ONGC’s complete field which covers Bombay High – North & south fields. Basin & Satellite field as well as KG Basin (east-coast of India)