WeventuredintothebusinessoftradingunderthebannerofVishatDiagnosticPvt.Ltd.a privately owned company, which is reckoned as the pioneers in the field of specialtydiagnostics having exotic tie-ups with highly reputed international companies.Foundedby Mr. Narendra Chitalia in the year 2004, the company has a unique position in themarketplacewith itsexpertise inmarketing and distribution.

Mr.NarendraChitalia’sperseveranceandguidancehasleadedthecompanytoapinnaclewith a full-fledged office and highly proficient staff in various departments like sales,marketing,customercare,finance and logistics.

Mr.PratikChitalia,theManagingDirectorofthecompanybringsinskillsandexperience,whichisa milestone aheadto the upcomingfuture.

Ourkindofbusinessrequiresrenderingconstantsupporttoourcustomersinapplications,engineeringandtechnicalaspects.Thesecretofoursuccessisourtechnicalsupportandour after sales service to our customers. We are in this business for more than 17 years,have been extending an extraordinary service to our customers with the help of a teamofqualified professionals.

The technical support department as well as marketing executives being the point ofcontact for every customer are highly experienced with excellent skills and are alwaysavailabletosolveissuesthatarisefromthecustomersalloverIndia.Today,Vishatenjoysa healthy presence in the industry with a team of more than 40 members workingtogetherfor variousdepartments.

Wecommitourselvestothecausewehavealwaysstoodfor,bybridgingthegapbetweenthe needs and the reality in the Indian Diagnostic Industry. We market our own range ofproducts covering the complete spectrum of diagnostics. We upgrade and update ourproductrangeonaregularbasis.Ourproductsaremarketedbyourmarketingassociatesspread all across the length and breadth of the country. So we plan to setup our ownmanufacturingunder thebannerofVimek BioconceptPvt.Ltd.