The demand for milk is increasing. Milk is essential part in the daily life of every child and a human being. Milk contains proteins and is necessary for growth of child. Milk is used in preparing Shrikhand, Khir, Curd, Ghee, Paneer, Cheese, etc. There are so many by products like Milk Powder, Milk Chocolate, etc. where there is good consumption of milk.

Due to all these various usages and consumption at various levels, the demand for milk is constantly increasing. Thus there is better prospective future for this activity. 

This is a sole proprietary concern of Mr. Saudagar Janardan More. He is an agriculturist by profession who proposes to establish a buffalo rearing activity and to deal in dairy farming.

Due to increase in commercial and industrial sector, average income of a person has increased. This increase in income results in increasing demand for consumables and change in the living standard of people. Milk and other dairy products are used by people at large in their day to day life. Milk is a whole food. It can restitute any other diet. Hence there is ready market for milk and other dairy products.

Buffalo rearing & dairy farming is a good and practical method of providing work to the unemployed hands and wealth to the agriculturist, poor and lower class of the society Feed and fodder required for rearing and maintaining is available in own family farm.