Hotel Siddheshwar - Good food is a necessity of human life. With considerable growth of urbanization, trade, commerce and industry during the last few decades, mobility of the public has increased to a great extent. Hotel is the prime necessity of the moving public. As a result of this, Hotel has become the most flourishing business. Hence Hotel business has good scope these days.

In this context of speedy modern life and overall advancement and of fresh / hot food, hotel has became the necessity of travelling public in particular and local public in general. On the same background, we propose to establish a hotel i. e. tea, coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks etc. Business Potentials : The place selected for the business is an ideal place to setup a hotel business due to its very much ideal locational situation. Especially our location again is at very prime point. It is close to village. We have ample land; we can also provide additional facilities like modern sanitation, parking and relaxing coups.