Giftland Handicrafts is the perfect place to find unique handmade metal handicrafts. From historical replicas to modern décor and from machine-tooled to custom designs, we have product categories for all.

Giftland is family owned and we completed 28 years this summer. Our product range includes hand-crafted brass, steel, wood, copper, iron & aluminum Bathroom ensembles, Figurines & Sculptures, Candle Lighting, Table décor, copper sinks & tubs, etc. Available in innumerable designs & patterns, our products reflect the rich Indian culture, and we are well supported by our team of designers & artisans to design and manufacture our product line.

Once the raw product is in-house - complete polishing (50 polish machines), all the design on lathe and punch machines (punch, emboss, etch, hammer, beads, etc.) and finishing (electro-plating, powder-coating, lacquer, oxidizing, etc.) – take place inside factory. Having such a well-equipped premise means the product is not sent out for any design or re-working and shipments get turned around at a much faster pace with no delays. Stringent quality control measures at every stage of polishing, finishing & packing of goods allow us to be confident of our product and the satisfaction of our various customers