Anuttara Fabrics emerges as a testament to the desire of reviving the glorious Bhagalpur Silk industry, breathing new life into it by delivering superior quality products to the weavers while establishing robust market connections through active partnerships and shared ownership. Our vision encompasses a business that is ultimately owned not only by promoters, investors, and employees but also by the skilled artisans who are the true creators of our exquisite craft products. We firmly believe that profit is a necessary element for sustaining our business, but we are equally committed to ensuring that the primary producers, who craft the products that grace the market, are duly acknowledged and rewarded.

At Anuttara Fabrics, we are driven by a deep-rooted passion for our heritage and an unwavering commitment to empower the weavers who form the backbone of our craft. By marrying tradition with contemporary aesthetics, we present an exclusive collection that transcends boundaries and tells stories of artistry and cultural legacy. Every meticulously woven masterpiece reflects the tireless dedication of our artisans, as well as the shared vision of a community invested in creating unparalleled luxury textiles.