OM PRESSING WORKS Started in 2008. To satisfy the varying & growing requirements of customers. We are one of the leading mfg. &a mp; supplier in India of Dished Ends Expansion Bellows, Toricone. Shells & Pipe Bends in various grade of Carbon, Law Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel. These products are used in Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Heat
Exchanger, Vaccum Columns. Storage Tanks & Electric Arc Furnaces etc. Our manufacturing facility is spread over 15.000 Sq.ft of area Anand Nagar MIDC. Ambernath East Thane. It is equipped with the most technologically advanced Hydraulic Press. Cutting, polishing equipment's & highly skilled work force.

The objective of OM Pressing Works is to provide high quality Products for giving a better business edge to all our clients.