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Street Address: Mahasanpur

City: Ghazipur

Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

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Business Details: Service provider

Business Type: Service Sector

Keywords: Geographic Information System(GIS), Remote Sensing, Statistical Analysis,Mapping Services,Environmental Studies, Data Entry & Survey,Spatial Modeling, CO

Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

About Us

Puneet Tech Corporate Solution Services Geographic Information System(GIS) GIS Survey GIS Digitization   Geo Referencing & Image Registration Generation of Special purpose Maps Spatial Analysis and Map Generation Geo-Coding Thematic & Contour Mapping Networking Analysis AM/FM/CADFM Remote Sensing Remote Sensing and Image Processing Digital Image Processing Supervised & Unsupervised classification for Feature Extraction 3D City Modelling DEM / TIN Mapping Digital Photogrammetric     Statistical Analysis   Probability Mapping Time Series Calculation Design of Experiment and Analysis Quality Control Mapping     Mapping Services   Cadastral mapping   Natural...