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Street Address: KHASRA NO- 1178 MEERAT ROAD MORTA GHAZIABAD (U.P) 201003

City: Ghaziabad

Province/State: Uttar Pradesh

Country: India

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Business Details: MANUFACTURING

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: FRP, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic, Portable Toilet, Bio Toilet, khadi prakritik paint, vedic paint, vedic plaster, cow dung paint, prakritik paint

Office Location: Uttar Pradesh

About Us

"The success story of JBMR"  started as a dream of a team (or one man) which coincided with the national movement of cleanliness. Mission “Swachchh Bharat” has changed the paradigm of public hygiene in India in an unprecedented manner. JBMR is proud to make its humble yet significant contribution to this movement by building many specific products to make a difference on the Indian landscape.   This story was still unfolding Meanwhile COVID-19 has raised the bar of hygenicity to a level hitherto unknown to us. So COVID-19 is a challenge for the entire civilization and so many bright minds are working to surmount this challenge. We at JBMR have identified a specific area of hand hygiene to make a meaningful contribution in the...