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Ayurcin Biogenics Pvt Ltd

Street Address: FLAT NO. 101, BLDG A 16, MANGAL BHAIRAV, NANDED CITY, Pune 411068

City: Pune

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

Additional Information

Business Details: Herbal and Botanical Products

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: Ayurbeat, Ayur Enzo, Athang, Indian Bitters

Office Location: Maharashtra

About Us

Why Ayurcin? The key questions being addressed are   Why are so many women and children anaemic? Why are so many children still stunted & Born Small? Why Obesity increasing rapidly?   Ayur-Enzo Bio Fortified Medicated Milk Product with Higher Nutritional Value, Special Product for Malnutrition, Patented Technology is used for Prolonging Shelf Life in a Natural Way  Chemical & Preservative Free. The nutritious herbs we are offering through the foods. We have invented Herbal Milk and Herbal Nutribar which rejuvenates and activates digestive system. We have developed the food intake and food supplement to enrich their nutritious values. The food supplement was rich natural herbs with rich natural base. We have dev...