ATTACK DRONE Hand Launched Loitering Monition for Precision Strike by Buzzy Day Enterprises
  • Lead Id: DRAWM-0Z
  • Category: Security and Protection
  • Keywords: ATTACK DRONE
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Introducing the fully autonomous Loitering Munition (LM) table, capable of identifying, acquiring, and striking operator-designated targets with high precision. The fuselage houses a 1 or 1.5 kg warhead, which can cause severe damage to the target. The electric propulsion system ensures a low acoustic signature, making it difficult to detect by the enemy at a height of over 200m. The LM can carry either a High Explosive Fragmenting Warhead for soft-skinned targets or an anti-armour top attack warhead for combat vehicles. In Kamikaze mode, it enables troops and Special Forces to undertake covert operations. To operate the LM, an LOI and an end-user certificate are necessary.