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Design and manufacturing of process plants for Ginger Processing Line As regards ginger, fresh ginger is soaked in water and washed and then outer skin is peeled off in a barrel drum. Skin peeling facilitates removal of moisture. Drying is done in the electrically-heated thermostatic-controlled drier. Drier is combined with steam heating arrangement. Drying temperature is in the range of 55-60C. Ginger, for producing candy, has to be rich in flavour, juice, fibreless and tender. After washing and peeling, ginger is cut in required sizes and boiled with small quantity of citric acid for about an hour under a pressure of 10 psig or for 6 hours under atmospheric pressure to improve its colour. Then the mixture is boiled with 30% sugar solution content (60 brix) and then small quantity of citric acid is added and the solution is boiled and kept till sugar penetrates in ginger. Finally it is boiled for about 5 minutes and the sugar solution is drained out and pieces of ginger are rolled in ground sugar, dried and packed. Ginger Cleaning of harvested rhizomes should be necessary to remove debris, shoots and roots. We use most modern technology equipments in Ginger processing machinery. Complete Sets of Ginger Processing Production Line. 1. Ginger Washing & Sorting 2. Peeling 3. Slicing 4. Drying 5. Pulveriser of dried ginger 6. Steam distillation for extraction of oil 7. Crushing, Sugar Syrup preparation, Preheating Mixing of ingredient, Pasteuriser for Ginger Paste, juice, Syrup, Candy Chunk 8. Filling & Packaging Can be used to make as Ginger Paste, Ginger Powder, Ginger Oil, Ginger syrup, Ginger Drinks, Ginger Candy, Ginger Tea, Ginger Chunk Capacity of the Plant: - 0.5/ 1/ 2/ 5/ 10/ 15 M Ton per Hour. The packaging Product in Bottles, Pouch Contact Details / 9822499586

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