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  • Manufacturer Name: SHIVA ENGINEERS
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Shiva Engineers manufactures Pea /Frozen Pea Processing Plant & Machinery. We supply pea processing/Frozen pea processing plant are very cost effective, easy to handle & low maintenance. The processing includes First remove light foreign particles, pods & leaves etc in pea Podder. Wash peas & remove sand, stones, stems etc in washing tank. After that take for blanching & cooling in blancher, cooler to keep in freezer/I.Q.F for freezing and finally take for weighing, filling& packing. Complete Sets of Pea Processing Production Line. Pea Podder- Pea De-Podder specially designed for De-Podding the pea pods. Conveyor is fitted with SS rollers, flanged bearing on one side & take off bearing on the other side for tensioning. Elevator - To Transfer carrying the grains to winnower. Washer- Wash peas, to remove mud, foreign particles etc Flotation Washer - lighter product will float in water, good product will be push by water force, and stones will be go down. Recovery Drum - Suitable for separating of pea grains waste. Conveyor - Helps to move the product from one place to other. Blancher - Blanching for fruits & vegetables. Use for blanching & increase shelf life of peas. Cooler -Cooling/chilling for fruits & vegetables. Increase shelf life of peas. Freezer/IQF - A Blast Freezer is a specialized category of freezer used to preserve food at a very low temperature to prevent the growth of microorganisms. The Freezer Cold Room, in-line system, designed to chill all products maintain temperature -20 deg C. Customized design of complete Green peas processing line can be designed according to requirement. Equipment’s required for complete processing line is as follows: ? In feed equipment ? De-podding machine. ? Air Separator. ? Washing machine. ? Dryer conveyor/Draining. ? Blanching machine. ? Cooling tunnel. ? Inspection & Sorting conveyor. ? Metal detector. ? Dewatering conveyor. ? Roasting machine. ? Freezing machine. ? Fryer machine. ? Weighing machine. ? Packing machine. ? CIP STANDARD CAPACITY: 0.25 TPH to 5 TPH

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