Hydo Pneumatic Pressure Booster System
  • Model No: DRL Series
  • Category: Industrial Fire Fighting and Safety Equipments
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  • Manufacturer Name: CNP INDIA
  • Packing size: Actual
  • Price: ₹1


Conventional pump sets are used to raise the water from a lower level to desired height for free flow under gravity, thus it increase the potential energy of water and an amount of water (volume) required for the usage is stored in tank at desired level. Whereas HPS can provide the similar service without actually raising the water to the desired height, thus eliminating the storage at elevation. HPS maintains the pressure inside the delivery pipe line with the help of accumulator. Restarting of pump as on when required is achieved through sensing drop in the present pressure by pressure switch., which is connected to the panel. This also provides automatic put off for the pump if requirement of water is fulfilled. Multi pump booster, DRL series is the most advanced power saving solution for commercial as well as industrial applications. DRL series is totally microprocessor controlled product designed to meet continuous operating conditions and variable duty parameters. System not only reduces the electrical cost up to 30% in comparison to conventional pumping system, but also reduces the construction cost by eliminating overhead tank in the high rise buildings. DRL system offers constant pressure for variable water requirement on large scale and provides maximum protection for the pump and motors. DRL Series is equipped with intelligent pump controller with its sophisticated operational features PID controller is easy to program as per user requirement. Equipped with large HMI, is easy to use at the time of installation as well as for the day-to-day operations. Controlled can be programmed to handle up to 6 pumps with automatic staging of pumps based on demand to maintain constant pressure in the delivery line. System can be programmed at multiple set points for different demand patterns to enhance the efficiency. System is mounted on skid with suction & discharge manifold and standard accessories for long life reliable pumping solution. Integrated control panel can be mounted along side separately on site. Pressure sensor / transmitter inputs minute changes in the pipe pressure to controller which adjust the flow rates to maintain pressure level. Pump starts / stops are further reduced by accumulator (pressure tank) connected to outlet of system. Technical Data: Flow Range: 2 ~ 500 m3/hr, Delivery Head : Max. 16 bar, Liquid Temperature : -15 Deg C ~ + 70 Deg C. Pump MOC : SS with CI inlet-outlet , SS 304, SS 316 and SS 316L. Skid MOC : MS Galvanized, SS 304, SS 316, UPVC. Special Features : The cascade control features allows optimum number of pumps in operations at all times. The variable frequency drive operates the pump at optimum frequency leading to energy saving. Mounted on a common frame, including manifolds, valves and pressure transmitter. The pump operations and the water management can be programmed to fit the user defined or demand defined consumption pattern. Preset and ready to use. Energy efficient. Constant pressure. Simple installation & easy operation. Application: Water supply for high rise buildings, residential complex, hosing colonies, townships & villas. Public places such as hospital, school, gymnasium, golf court, airport. Commercial buildings such as hotel, office buildings, IT parks, large complexes, multistore buildings (domestic and commercial), large-scale sauna. Irrigation such as water parks, amusement parks, fountains, orchard, farm. Industrial application and manufacturing industry such as textile segment, food & pharmaceutical industry, automotive segment. Fire fighting & HVAC.