Main Hydrant Pump / Sprinkler Pump Fire Fighting Pumps and Systems
  • Model No: NISO / NISO -k Series
  • Category: Industrial Fire Fighting and Safety Equipments
  • Keywords: Fire fighting pump, End Suction Fire Pump, Sprinkler Pump, Main Hydrant Pump, Jockey Pump, Back pull out fire pump.
  • Manufacturer Name: CNP INDIA
  • Packing size: Actual
  • Price: ₹1


These pumps are of Energy Efficient Motor (SPDP Optimal). These pumps contain option with 2 or 4 pole motor . These are also protected with IP 55. It has back pull out design. Performance Range :- Flow Range : 2 m3/hr to 800 m3/hr Delivery Head : 10 mtr to 160 mtr Rated Flow Range : 180 lpm, 240 lpm, 900 lpm, 1400 lpm, 1600 lpm, 1800 lpm, 2280 lpm, 2400 lpm, 2850 lpm, 3200 lpm. Available MOC : Cast Iron. Key Features :- CE marked motor. TEFC Motor IE2 with energy efficient motor (SPDP optional). ‘F’ – class insulation and IP 55 Protection. Option with 2 or 4 pole motors. Back pull-out design. Standard Gland seal soft packed / Mechanical seal (optional). Performance as per Rated duty or as per NFPA 20 requirement. Also can be supplied in compliance to NFPA20 / IS12469. For higher flow requirement also available on demand. Applications: Main Fire pump in Fire Fighting for Hydrant / Sprinkler, in Industrial, Commercial and Residential Applications. Fire Fighting In Industrial, Commercial And Residential Buildings. Water Supply In Fixed Fire Proof System. Water Supply In Municipal Work. Water Supply In Industrial And Mining Enterprises.