Black Pepper - Malabar Black Grade
  • Model No: LE2022/09041140
  • Category: Spices and Seasonings
  • Keywords: Black Pepper
  • Manufacturer Name: Lakshmi Enterprises
  • Packing size: 1Kg
  • Price: ₹710


Malabar is the “Original” Pepper and is a popular variety that originates from the Malabar Coast in the SW portion of India, where Peppercorn cultivation first began. The berries have a slightly greenish hue. This is an Excellent Pepper with pungent aroma and robust flavor available at a modest price. This variety represents for many what “Pepper” should smell and taste like. We are offering 2 Quality Grades of Malabar Garbled Black Pepper and 4 Quality Grades of Malabar Ungarbled Black Pepper from India.