Clove - Full Bud Cloves
  • Model No: LE2022/9071010
  • Category: Spices and Seasonings
  • Keywords: Cloves, Full Bud Cloves
  • Manufacturer Name: Lakshmi Enterprises
  • Packing size: 1kg
  • Price: ₹1,200


LAKSHMI ENTERPRISES is one of the Quality Benchmark concerned Madagascar Cloves Exporters, Processors and Packers with its subsidies based in Tamatave – Madagascar. We have proudly and directly invested in Madagascar for High Quality Standard Processing, Grading and Packaging lines to obtain Best Quality Cloves shipments for our bulk consumers and distributors worldwide. Usually cargoes mainly from the North Region are more Brighter and Reddish-Brown in color and extra Length in Size of the Cloves bud. Even at times, we are holding around 200 – 400 Metric Tons Ready Stocks for prompt shipments of different Qualities of Madagascar Cloves itself at origin i.e: Madagascar, Dubai and Singapore. Our Quality and Grade Benchmark for Madagascar Cloves starts from the moisture levels, cleanliness, ad-mixture (impurities), head-less, color variance and size of the Cloves bud. Feel free to view below our Quality & Size benchmarks below.