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D.C. Systems
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D.C. Systems comprising of Battery and Battery Chargers upto 500KW Float & boost or float cum boost, constant voltage & constant current, thyristor controlled, upto 500 kW rating, suitable for lead acid, SMF, or Ni-Cd batteries ranging from 20 AH to 5000 AH and 12 V to 220 V or any custom made range. Resistive Load Banks for Battery Discharging Rectifiers (500 kW). Type Float charger Float cum Boost charger with voltage dropping diodes/voltage regulator Float and Boost charger Redundant Float or Float cum Boost Charger Tailor made scheme as per customer requirement Features Fully automatic electronic SCR controlled Output short circuit proof Liberal design margins and safety factors Voltage drooping characteristics for Float charger to pass on momentary or short time over loads to battery Soft start feature to minimize inrush current to battery when charger is re-energized Battery Test Function (optional): With this function, Battery healthiness & battery discharge path can be checked ONLINE. In case there is any problem in battery or discharge path, the float charger shall feed the load which is in "Support mode" without any interruption to the load. This feature helps to ensures the availability of back-up from battery & avoids the uncertainty. Temperature Controlled Charging (optional) The voltage of battery cell varies with temperature which affects the amount of charge to the battery. Temperature sensor is installed at the Battery bank to measure the ambient temperature of the battery, this measured signal is sent back to the Battery Charger via a feedback loop to adjust the charging voltage accordingly. This feature offer optimum charging of the battery over the operating ambient temperature range Remote signalling for critical faults (optional). Rating 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V or any custom made up to 500KW suitable for Lead Acid Flooded, SMF (VRLA), Ni-Cd Batteries and Lithium–Ion Batteries Application For Switchgear Protection Instrumentation power supply Telecom / Infocom Power Plant and Substation Railways Fire Fighting system D.G. set starting

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