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Street Address: Shed no. 64-b, ida mallapur

City: Hyderabad

Province/State: Telangana

Country: India

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Business Details: PVC PIPES , CPVC pipe, upvc pipe, underground drainage pipe, casing & capping, pvc channal, electrical conduit pipe, trunking, bend, j-box, insulation tape

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector

Keywords: PVC, CPVC, upvc pipe, underground drainage pipe, casing & capping, pvc channal, electrical conduit pipe, trunking, bend, j-box, insulation tape, UGD

Office Location: Telangana

Electrical Conduit Pipe
  • Category: PVC and HDPE Pipes
  • Keywords: Electrical conduit pipe, PVC Pipe, Electrical Pipe, LMS, MMS, HMS
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  • Price: ₹30


ELECTRICAL CONDUIT PIPE Available Sizes 20 mm to 50 mm LMS, MMS and HMS Conduit pipes are the fast replacements for the conventional pipes and are widely accepted all over the world. Conduit pipes are used for either of the two purposes, viz., electrical wiring and water supply. An electrical conduit pipe is a tube that is used to protect and route electrical wiring in both household and industrial sectors. An electrical conduit pipe may be made of fibre, metal, plastic or even fired clay (occasionally). Two variants of conduit pipes are found such as rigid and flexible, where each has its respective purposes. The use, form and installation details are often specified by the wiring regulations, the US National Electrical Code (NEC) and other building codes. Electrical conduit pipe provides superior protection to the enclosed conductors from chemical vapours, impact and moisture. Different numbers, sizes and types of conductors can be fitted into a conduit that furthermore simplifies the design and construction as compared to the multiple runs of the cables or even the expense of the customized composite cables. The frequent alterations in wiring systems is also made easier and safer with the use of electrical conduit pipe as the existing conductors can be withdrawn and the new conductors can be replaced, conducting mild disruption along the path of the conduit. The non-metallic electrical conduit pipe resists corrosion and are way lightweight, in turn reducing the labour costs for installation. PVC electrical conduit pipe can be heated and bent by using special heating tools that has been designed for the particular purpose for fitting at a particular space. Austro Pipes, who is considered the best manufacturer and wholesaler of the electrical conduit pipe, comes to your rescue whenever you need quality materials at a budget-friendly estimate. With our expert professionals, we are leading the industry and without a doubt have been continuously satisfying a strong client base and dealers for years now.