Junction Box
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J-BOX Available Sizes 19 MM 20 MM 25 MM A J-Box (Junction Box), also termed as the electrical box or terminal box, is a protective box where all the wires are interconnected. It is used in the building construction (both indoors and outdoors) and consists of a square box or housing that offers protection and works as a safety barrier for the electrical connections. The waterproof J-Box (Junction Box) is widely used in the outdoors. These electrical boxes are made from metal or plastic and are often built into the plaster of a wall, in the ceiling, or within concrete. Usually, four main J-Box (Junction Box) types are predominant, viz., metal junction box, PVC junction box (plastic), ABS junction box (plastic) and fibreglass junction box (fibre reinforced plastic). The terminal box or the electrical box comes in varied shapes like square, rectangular, round, octagonal and ceiling. Considering the size, they predominantly come in two sizes. One that measures 2 inches x 3 inches having depth of 2½ inches usually holds three wires. The other that measures 2 inches x 3 inches having depth of 3½ inches can hold five or more wires.