Laser Speed Meter
  • Model No: Applied Systems
  • Category: Others
  • Keywords: Laser Speed Gun, Speed Gun
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  • Price: ₹800,000


Laser Speed Meter is used to measure the speed of moving vehicle at speed range of 0 to 320 KMPH at distance more than 2000 meters. The camera takes clear still image and video recording of target vehicle with number plate upto 200 meters in day time depending on light conditions. We can store recorded image in JPEG and video in M-JPEG format and can print directly with the help of WiFi/ USB Enabled Photo printer. FEATURES 1. Responsive Android User friendly interface. 2. Android based software 3. Heads-Up-Display with customizable aiming reticles. 4. Displays speed/distance and operational information 5. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) available. 6. Challan created directly. 7. Auto/Manual mode. 8. Water Resistance with IP65 Compliance. 9. High resolution camera 10. Video as well as Image with Target Marking. 11. Touch-screen menu controls 12. Suitable for all and any application.