• Model No: EX-20EX / EX-20EX-R
  • Category: Others
  • Manufacturer Name: VINE SYS-INC SOUTH KOREA
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹96,000


FEATURES & BENEFITS Offshore Oil & Gas InstallationsOnshore Oil & Gas Installations and pipelinesPetrochemical plantsChemical plantsShipbuilding facilityAutomotive industry Storage tank farmsPower generation facilityPetrochemical plantsPainting industryWarehouseWaste disposal facilityExplosive & Munitions 406-Ho, 876-2, Jeongja-3-Dong, Suwon City, Kyunggi-Do, 440-300, KoreaTel:+82 (31) 269-6738 Fax)+82 (31) 269-6739Email: trade@flame-detection.co.kr Web-site: www.flame-detection.co.kr APPLICATIONS • UV/IR Spectrum–for medium distancedetection and high false alarm immunity •Compact & lighter design •Enclosures :(Options)-Aluminium -Stainless (ST 316L) : for Offshore Facilities •User Selectable(Sensitivity / Functions) •Multiple output options-Relays for Alarm and Fault-0-20mA (stepped)-RS-485 / RS-232 spectrum monitoring •Lower power requirement(35mA –standby / 75mA –alarm) •Ex cable gland / 2-meter cable assembled& provided for users’ easy installation •Certifications-ATEX approved by DNV for explosion-proof-KFI (Korea) / CE marking The new FX-20EX UV/IRFlame Detector detects fuel and gas fires at long distances with the highest immunity to false alarms..The FX-20EX UV/IR can detect a 0.1m2gasoline pan fire at 30min less than 5 seconds.Its new features include RS484/RS232 compatibilities fordigital communications; lowerpower requirements; anda compact, lighter design andFX-20 series are approved toATEX by DNV for explosion-proof.