Signaline FT LocatorPlus
  • Model No: Fixed Temperature LHD Controller and Alarm LocatorDUAL ZONE MONITOR
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  • Price: ₹71,500


Signaline FT LocatorPlus Fixed Temperature LHD Controller and Alarm Locator Signaline FT LocatorPlus Signaline LocatorPlus is a revolutionary new controller and alarm locator for Signaline FT and Signaline FT-R range of linear heat detectors. Housed in an IP66 enclosure the Signaline LocatorPlus is capable of monitoring 2 separate zones of Signaline FT or Signaline FT-R, with up to 3km of cable per zone. Signaline LocatorPlus will give exact alarm location, via its LCD display, of any over heat along either zone of cable. It is compatible with either conventional or addressable fire systems via the alarm relay contacts and offers further connectivity via the MODBUS output. The Signaline LocatorPlus also offers two operating functions; Independent or Interlocking mode. When set to Independent if either zone of cable alarms this is immediately reported via the relays to the control panel. Alternatively Interlocking will wait for both lines of cable to be in alarm before triggering the relays. Signaline LocatorPlus is UL approved and can be integrated with a suitable barrier when the linear heat detection is to be used within a hazardous area