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Jominy End Quench Apparatus
  • Model No: Jominy End Quench
  • Category: Laboratory Equipment and Lab Testing Equipment
  • Keywords: Jominy End Quench
  • Manufacturer Name: Mettechnik
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  • Price: ₹60,375


This apparatus is useful for determining the hardenability of steels by End Quench Test. The test consists of heating a standard size specimen to a given temperature for a specific period of time, followed by a water quenching at one end under specified conditions and measuring the hardness at various points from quenched end along the length of piece. After heating the test specimen is kept on the specimen holder where it is automatically centerd with respect to water jet. The quick action valve starts impinging the water jet on the specimen end instantly. The well defined water jet is achieved by suitably choosing one of the nazzles provided and its corresponding water head. The elaborate arrangement of pump, tank, pipe etc enables to obtain desired correct water head for the particular nozzle. The nozzles are of quick change type and can be replaced instantly. Different set of nozzles, specimen holders, water head adjusting pipes are available to sult the different test specimen.The electrical controls for pump motor are supplied and the entire apparatus is totally enclosed.

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