Ganesha Ball Pen
  • Model No: Ganesha Ball Pen
  • Category: Writing Instruments
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  • Manufacturer Name: Legend Pens
  • Packing size: Regular
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Ganesh pen which has named after the elephant god that promises success and good beginnings in all new ventures. Ganesh's head symbolizes the Atam or the soulwhich is ultimate supreme reality of human existenceand his body signifies Maya. Lord Ganesh is widely worshipped as the god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune. To celebrate this ancient festival LEGEND has introduced a special edition Ganesha Ball Pen. Each piece has been drawn and then rich lacquer finishes are layered upon brass with gold trims thereby making GANESHA impression remains everlasting. Material: Metal, Refill: Metal Jotter Refill 0.7mm, Finish: Glossy finish with Golden appointments.