Online School Management Software
  • Model No: adcsd03
  • Category: Software
  • Keywords: Online School Management Software
  • Manufacturer Name: ADCSD
  • Packing size: 1 Gb
  • Price: ₹85,000


ADCSD online school management software is available for schools administration across the globe and for schools willing to transform their school administration digitally. ADCSD, the perfect school management system empowers schools to manage activities and functions effectively at all ends with ERP solution. Bringing a revolutionary change in educational institutions engaging paperless school administration which keeps our development a perennial process. Simple and effective online school management system which functions in the cloud, requires no installation, quick start as no experience required, affordable, suitable for schools of any size, any frontier and any board, it is a highly secured school management software with constant back up. ?ADMIN MENU ?SETTINGS •ADMIN USERS •ENQUIRY DESK •ADMISSION •STUDENT LIST •FEE COLLECTION •ASSIGNMENT •STUDY MATERIAL •PERSONNEL •HR DEPARTMENT •PAY ROLL •ACCOUNTS •INVENTORY •TRANSPORT •TIME TABLE •LIBRARY •EXAMS •ATTENDANCE •HOSTEL •ID CARD •SCHOOL CERTIFICATES •LETTERS •SMS DESK •SEND NOTICE •SUPPORT ROOM •SECURITY GUARD •BIRTHDAYS HIGHLIGHT