C.P. WALKER With Scissors Gait Prevention Bar (Junior Size: Age Group 09-15 Years )
  • Model No: IMI 3030
  • Category: Wheel Chairs Crutches Walker And Related Products
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  • Price: ₹9,800


C.P. Walker With Scissors Gait Prevention Bar is suitable for children with in age group of 09 to 15 years. * Construction: Strong tubular steel frame of 25mm dia. tube & height of frame is 70cm. * Entrances from rear through hinged balance ring. * Support Ring: Rectangular shaped Ring hold the child in an upright position. Width inside ring is 25cm. * Handle: Chrome-plated Handle bar with scissors gait prevention bar is provided at the front for the patient to hold and is adjustable in height from 65cm to 85cm. * Height of the Chrome-plated Ring is adjustable from 80cm to 100cm. * Scissors Gait Preventive Bar: Provided with foam cover. * Mounted on four 75mm size ball bearing rubber casters. * Finish: Powder coated finish with Chrome-plated working parts