400 - Slop Hopper
  • Model No: CMP – 409
  • Category: Medical Surgical and Hospital Instruments and Equipment
  • Keywords: Slop Hopper; slop hopper hospital; slop hopper toilet; slop hopper installation height; combined slop hopper and sink; Stainless Steel Slop Hopper; Hopper sink; Slop Hopper with flashing tank; Slop Hopper with P Trap; Slop Hopper with tap; Slop Hopper with full assassins;
  • Manufacturer Name: CMP METAL
  • Price: ₹78,470


Features:- • Construction in type 304 stainless steel with matt finishing • Fully welded seamless curves to ensuring for best hygiene • Flushing sluice bowl with flushing rim in hopper • Product is wall mounted and with stand (As per requirement) • Faucet jet spray, Flushing Valve and Mixer and Basic taps (As per requirement) • P Trap for drainage • We do manufacture as per customer requirement Dimension 1) Model No.;- CMP – 409 600L X 600W X 910H ; Per Each Price Rs. 52,333/- 2) Model No.;- CMP – 410 1300L X 600W X 910H ; Per Each Price Rs.78,470/- 3) Model No.;- CMP – 415 850L X 610W X 910H ; Per Each Price Rs.64,900/-