300 - Pass Box Static - Dynamic
  • Model No: CMP – 303
  • Category: Medical Surgical and Hospital Instruments and Equipment
  • Keywords: Pass Box Static - Dynamic; Pass box; Static pass box; Dynamic pass box manufacture; UV pass box; Lab room pass box; Clean room pass box; Pharma pass box ; Hatch BOX;
  • Manufacturer Name: CMP METAL
  • Price: ₹40,710


Pass Box: This pass box is designed to minimize traffic and contamination entry in to the clean room. Enables parts, tools and other work items to be passed to and from the room. This pass box unit acts as an air lock device preventing ambient air from entering, or clean air from exiting the clean room. Features: - :- Construction in type 304 stainless steel with matt finishing :- Fitted with glass door through which material can be seen easily ? Mechanical interlocking arrangement for on both sides, one door can be opened at a time ? Easy to install in wall between the clean room and operating room ? Electromagnetic System are available (As per the demand) ? We do manufacture as per customer requirement Dimension L X W X H mm Model :- CMP – 303 414 X 335 X 414 ; Per Each Price Rs.32,450/- Model :- CMP – 304 567 X 492 X 567 ; Per Each Price Rs.40,710/- Model :- CMP – 331 610 X 610 X 610 ; Per Each Price Rs.45,235/- Model :- CMP – 306 720 X 645 X 720 ; Per Each Price Rs.48,970/-