1500-Laparoscopic Monitor Trolley
  • Model No: CMP-1537
  • Category: Medical Surgical and Hospital Instruments and Equipment
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  • Manufacturer Name: CMP METAL
  • Price: ₹67,732


Laparoscopy Trolley used in Laparoscopy surgery area where it’s used to keep small thing needed in surgery Features • Construction in type 304 stainless steel with matt finishing • S.S. Shelves, Rails to cover two sides of top • Trolley has socket to receive 5/15 Amp – 230 V A/C – pin plug two inputs each with safety switch on off power on led lamp socket • Two handles for ease of relocation • 5 inches castor wheel with two brake wheel • High strength fully argon welded Dimension L X W X H Model No.;- CMP-1537 650 X 500 X 1450 ; Per Each Price Rs.67,732/-