2230 - Mortuary Cabinet
  • Model No: CMP - 2230B
  • Category: Medical and Hospital Supplies and Consumables
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  • Manufacturer Name: CMP METAL
  • Packing size: As per Specific Size
  • Price: ₹386,450


Mortuary Cabinet: Mortuary cabinets are low temperature refrigerated cabinets that are used to keep dead bodies for short or long time. These units are used for numerous reasons at hospitals, railways, airports, disaster camps and army etc. Mortuary cabinets are also called by other names such as morgue freezer, dead body storage refrigerator and mortuary fridge. Usually the temperature of mortuary cabinet remains between 2°C to 8°C but in some cases freezing temperature up to 0°C, -10°C and -15°C can also be designed. Mortuary refrigerator temperature remains between 2°C to 8°C which is adjusted through digital process controller. Features of Mortuary Cabinet • The outer and inner chamber is made of stainless steel sheet of SS-304 grade or G.I. (as per the customer's requirements). Thus making it easier to clean and ensure greater stability and life. • High grade PUF INSULATION between outer and inner chamber for minimal thermal losses. Designed for long storage of cadaverous. • In door we used magnetic gasket and external lock. • Stretcher made of steel and sliding on wheel. • Cooling is done by finned tube evaporator lie in the air circulation path by ISI marked Compressor. • Electronic Temperature indicator digital process controller. • Standard locking system is used. • Vapour-proof lighting is used, Control by limit switch. • Air cooled hermetically sealed refrigeration systems. • Power Supply is 220Volts/50Hz. • Wheels are available if customer requirements. • One-piece stainless steel tray. • Hygienic and easy to maintain. • Compact and neat. Model No. CMP - 2030A Size :- 867 X 2400 X 1828 SS MATERIAL Price :- Rs.226560/- Size :- 867 X 2400 X 1828 GI MATERIAL Price :- Rs.212400/- Model No. CMP - 2030B Size :- 1670 X 2400 X 1828 SS MATERIAL Price :- Rs.386450/- Size :- 1670 X 2400 X 1828 GI MATERIAL Price :- Rs.354000/- Model No. CMP - 2030C Size :- 2473 X 2400 X 1828 SS MATERIAL Price :- Rs.548700/- Size :- 2473 X 2400 X 1828 GI MATERIAL Price :- Rs. 460200/-