Transformer Oil Filtration Machine
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  • Price: ₹290,000


Oil Transfer/Circulating System: Inlet Pump - Gear type +ve Displacment Outlet Pump- Gear type +ve Displacment Heating System : Heat Exchanger capable of heating oil from 20 to 80 degree celcius. Thermostat controlled input. Less watt density. Filtration System: Prefilter-Strainer with magnett provides safty for inlet pump from magnetic and coarse suspended particles. fine Filter- Removes all Suspended particlesupto <1 micron. Cartridge filters that are easily replaceable. Vacuum System: Single Stage: Rotery oil sealed vacuum pump suitable for working vacuum <5mbar. Two Stage System- Roots -Rotary combination for 2nd stage and rotary oil sealed pump for 1st stage degassing working vacuum <0.5mbar. Control Panel: Centralised control panel