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Plant Canopy Analyzer
  • Model No: PCA-VH-1-101
  • Category: Pollution Control and Monitoring Equipment
  • Keywords: Plant Canopy Analyzer, Meteorological Instruments, Weather Monitoring Instruments, Meteorology, Hydrology, Hydrological Instruments
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  • Price: ₹185,000


“Virtual” make Plant Canopy Analyzer offers convenient and flexible tools for measuring and analyzing incident and transmitted Photo synthetically Active Radiation (PAR) in Crop and Forest canopies. It provides vital information about the penetration of PAR into crops and forest, and is essential in work such as comparative crop studies, for separating out the effects of cultivars and treatment. It is particularly well suited to low regular canopies (as found in many agricultural crops). It can be used in most light conditions. The first sensor probe has an array of 10 PAR sensors embedded in a 1m long probe, and is connected with Handheld Terminal. The second sensor probe also has a 1 PAR sensor embedded in a 0.5m long probe, and is connected with handheld Data logger. One PAR Sensor is also connected with data logger for reference incoming radiation. When a reading is taken, all sensors are scanned and the measurements transmitted to the data logger. The average light level along the probe is calculated. Further you can download data from data logger to a computer (USB Port) with the help of "Virtualware" (PC Interface Software).

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