Edible Oil Machine
  • Model No: VK-150
  • Category: Oil Mill Machinery
  • Keywords: Oil Expeller Machine Price, Oil Extraction Machinery
  • Manufacturer Name: Shreeji Expeller Industries
  • Packing size: Export Packaging in Wooden Crates, Boxes or Plywood Boxes
  • Price: ₹3,500,000


FEATURES : GearBox : Double reduction Gear box Kettle / Cooker : Multi stage cooker for the conditioning of seeds Chamber : Vertical Hinged and can very easily be opened for replacement of worms or cage bars. This saves a lot of time and labour. Steel Fabricated Chamber: Reduces time and labour for relining of Cage Bars. Bearings : Heavy duty Ball and Roller bearings are fitted for maximum life and low noise operation. Compressing : Crammer Shaft gives extra Cramming of the seed or cake in the Feed