BOD Incubator
  • Model No: BL-507
  • Category: Scientific Equipment and Scientific Instrument
  • Keywords: Infrared thermometer, Face Shield, Water baths, Laminar air flow cabinet, Orbital Shaking-cum-B.O.D incubator, BIOLOGY INSTRUMENTS
  • Manufacturer Name: BYANLAB
  • Packing size: Wooden Box
  • Price: ₹65,000


Designed for low temperature incubation and routine determination of Bio-Chemical Oxygen Demand (B.O.D.). Double wall construction. Inner chamber made of highly polished stainless steel sheet with self supports for wide range of shelf spacing. Supplied with two/three removeable perforated shelves. Temperature is controlled by a sensitive thermostat from 5°C to 50°C f 1°C. For lower temp. Working a standard cooling unit with a sealed compressor with protective devices has been provided below the chamber for safe and efficient working. Heating arrangement has been made within the chamber for higher temp. Working. i) Digital temp. controller – cum – indicator.P.I.D