Protective Coverall suit Disposable
  • Model No: Model no – M 1580
  • Category: Uniforms and Workwear
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  • Manufacturer Name: Macop India Pvt. Ltd.
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  • Price: ₹366


Isolation Personal protective Coverall suit Materials - SSMMS (3 beams of Spunbond and 2 beams of Meltblown) or simply SMS is a 5 layered 100% Polypropylene nonwoven laminated fabric, 60 GSM. Treatments of Fabric- 1. Hydrophilicity, 2. Anti- Static, 3. Extra Softness, 4. Aloevera, 5. UV Protection. Performance - Anti-blood penetrability, Surface moisture resistance,99% Filtration efficiency, Decent Strength & Elongation PPE Triple Protection 1. Isolation, 2. Sealed, 3. Sterilization Approved by- DRDO (Director, INMAS)