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Fragrance Story Fragrances Pvt.Ltd

Street Address: Bhandarkar Road, Pune

City: Pune

Province/State: Maharashtra

Country: India

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Business Details: A great fragrance is much more than just the fragrance. It’s the thought, the story and the approach behind its creation that makes it memorable. We truly believe that a great fragrance starts with its aroma and ends with myriad of memories and experiences enabling a story to be born. The biggest ingredient common in every fragrance we create is heart. Our fragrances start with the aroma, flirt with your memories, and find a place to settle down in your heart. This fragrance journey lets you dive deeper than the surface of its aroma to create your own story. A Fragrance Story.

Business Type: Manufacturing Sector


Office Location: Maharashtra

A Fragrance Story- Protective Fragrance Face Mask with Essential oil (Scented Mask)
  • Category: Personal Care
  • Keywords: Mask, protective mask, essential oils, khadi mask, covid, corona, organic, natural oils, perfume, scented mask, pure khadi, original, ayurvedic, therapeutic, medicinal use, India,
  • Manufacturer Name: Fragrance Story Fragrances Pvt. Ltd.
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹520


1st time in India we are introducing protective khadi fragrance mask with essential oil. The box contains - 2 units of 3ply, Pure Khadi Mask with small pocket, cotton pads, 1unit - 5ml essential oil. There are 5 different blends of essential oils.