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Synway has been partnered with applications & solution providers worldwide to deliver turkey solutions for enterprises, telecom carriers, intelligence, public security, law enforcement, etc. Based on long-standing business network, Synway’s products and service have served 3,000+ customers, including contact centers, financial institutes, public security, national safety agencies and more. It’s long-term goal is to be of partnership with vendors of security solution and unified communications, providing government agencies, enterprises and SPs with a complete range of supreme solutions, including VoIP Gateway, SBC, IP-PBX, Call Recording, Multimedia Processing & Signaling, Mobile Catcher and Localization System. Various Products and Solutions are:- UC Series IP-PBX - The UC series is an IP PBX appliance designed to bring enterprise-grade unified communications and security protection to all levels of businesses at an unprecedented price point without any licensing fees, costs-per-feature, or recurring fees. The UC series enables enterprises to unify multiple communication technologies, such as comprehensive voice, fax, calling, conferencing, video/audio surveillance, data tools, security surveillance, mobility, and facility access management into one commonly managed or accessible network. Session Border Controllers - With the development of VoIP technology, advanced VoIP communication applications for enterprises become a vital tool to enhance business. To fully harness and leverage IP networks, Synway’s Session Border Controllers (SBC) family, redefines and delivers comprehensive interoperability, IP protocols mediation and the highest level of security in any networks. VoIP Gateway with SBC - With over two decades of expertise in signaling and voice technology, Synway VoIP gateway family helps customers access to IP networks from legacy telephony applications more reliably and efficiently. Our field-proven PSTN/IP signaling technology possesses unparalleled and seamless interoperability with any complex network environments, which exponentially reduces your investments and time to markets under any uncertain situations. Call Recording Card & SDK - As one of world’s leading manufacturers for recording hardwares, Synway offers a wide range of product portfolios for use in all kinds of recording applications including call recording and call logging in legislature, call centers, financial dealing, and control/command operations. Our analog/digital boards are equipped with multiple voice-processing capabilities like G.729, GSM, G.711 A-law, µ-law, Linear PCM, IMA-ADPCM, MP3, VOX format etc. Multimedia Platform - Synway UMCT series is an open programmable, integrated multimedia switch platform with multimedia processing and signaling capabilities. In addition to rich media resources, the switch platform helps bridge existing wired and wireless networks with IP networks, and integrates for IP (SIP and H.323)/TDM (SS7/ISDN/CAS)/mobility protocols with IVR, fax, conferencing, compression, echo cancellation and other media processing resources. HMP, VoIP & TDM Boards - Synway has been leading the CTI industry since the past twenty years, and has won much recognition from worldwide partners. Its field-proven IP & TDM hardware platform offers powerful media processing and signaling capability with rich on-board DSP resources. With multiple resources, our voice boards are based on pure all-in-one architechture and allows for various customizations. IoT Data Transmission Unit - Synway IoT wireless communications products, including DTU products and data transmission module. The DTU products are industrial-grade wireless data transmission equipment, supporting 4G/3G/2G protocols and a range of wireless network standards: GPRS/WCDMA/TDSCDMA /LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD. The Synway DTU device can provide users with TCP and UDP wireless long-distance data transmission.