activated alumina ball
  • Model No: GE-101
  • Category: C Distributor and Dealer
  • Keywords: Activated alumina ball, desiccant activated alumina balls, desiccant,
  • Manufacturer Name: gunina/ace
  • Packing size: 25 and 40 kgs bag packing and 50 and 150 kgs MS drum packing
  • Price: ₹92


Backed by a team of well-informed experts, we are a well-known firm in the market for providing an extensive series of Activated Alumina Granules Ball which is used in air dryer, water purification. Activated alumina is an excellent desiccant for drying a wide variety of liquids and gases. Our activated alumina ball has been developed with high attrition resistance and crush strength. It has larger water absorption capacity comparing to others at high relative humidity and providing long service life with performance or below dew point specifications. Activated alumina widely used in large and small dryers. It is also use in dehydrating gases in both thermally regenerative and pressure swing adsorption process. size of the balls we provide as per customer requirement, the mainly used size is 3-5 and 5-8 mm and keep in ready stock, other sizes we supply as per order. (A) MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: 1. Size : 5-8mm 2. Bed crushing strength, % = 95%min. 3. Independent ball crush strength,kgs = 15-20kgs. 4. Loss on attrition, % = 0.1max. (B) PHYSICAL PROPERTIES: 1. Equilibrium static water adsorption capacity at 60%RH & 30oC,% = 19-22% ………………………….do…………………. 15%RH ………… = 6-8% 2. Free moisture at 120oC, % = 2% max. 3. Tapped bulk density, kg/m3 = 750-850kg/m3. (Packed) 4. Pore volume, cc/gm. = 0.42 5. Surface area, m2/gm. - 360 min. 6. Loss on ignition (250-1000oC) = 5-7%. 7. pH= 7-9 8. Dynamic Water adsorption capacity at 60%RH & 30oC: 8-10% (C) CHEMICAL COMPOSITION: 1. Al2O3 = 93% min. 2. Fe2O3 = 0.05% max. 3. Na2O = 0.3% max. 4. SiO2 = 0.05% max.