Panasonic Video Conferencing System
  • Model No: Video Conferencing System
  • Category: Telecommunication and Postal Servicess
  • Keywords: Video Conferencing System, Video Conferencing Solutions
  • Manufacturer Name: Panasonic
  • Packing size:
  • Price: ₹162,500


Benefits: Faster decision making. A major benefit is that your teams connect instantly, and they get answers quickly. This helps as key decisions are not left "up in the air" as colleagues travel for on-site meetings. Greater Detail. You can zoom in to get the finer details of any item including solder joints, circuit board chips, and close-up details during medical procedures. Higher productivity. It enables you to get more work done. You're in the office and achieve more instead of rushing to the airport. A smaller "carbon footprint" for your company. Another benefit is that you still get face-to-face meeting and it leaves a leaner, greener image of your company. More face-time with the family. Why waste time catching flights? When you can have meetings on the spot and get to catch more soccer games and time with your loved ones. Features: FULL HD Video & Audio: The Panasonic Video Conferencing System comes with full HD video and 360 Deg audio. This allows for exceptional clarity and sound quality. You can see and hear your colleagues across the country as if they were right across the table. Total Flexibility & Mobility: The Panasonic Video Conferencing System allows you to link up to 3 different locations. These can be achieved with an additional hand-held, mobile camera at each site. The customizable set up lets you design a system that's perfect for you. Lower Bandwidth: The Panasonic Video Conferencing System delivers full HD video even down to 3 Mbps. This is a cost-effective use of bandwidth and beneficial as other systems require 6 Mbps for HD resolution.